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We believe in touching the lives of the youth by sharing local inspiring stories and connecting them with mentors.

At Those Who Inspire we believe that everything starts with inspiration, which is actually how the company began when we ourselves were inspired during a life-altering, career-changing moment. The initial sparks all began with a simple question: What would happen if we specifically designed a book to inspire young people in a major way? What would happen if we captured and shared the stories, advice and experience of a country’s achievers & doers – anybody adding value to the people around them and really living their dreams at the same time? We call them Inspiring People – “IP” for short – and we’ve since profiled hundreds of them, inspiring thousands of Millennials along the way.

This ever-expanding collection of country focused books explores a wide spectrum of IP from all walks of life – both famous and everyday heroes – who share their passion, experiences, successes and failures. Priceless insights to imbue the up-and-coming generations as they navigate today’s world.

The mission of Those Who Inspire is: to boldly encourage Millennials to pursue their dreams, believe in themselves, and help them find reliable role models and mentors in their own country

TWI Corporate

To understand and come to appreciate a country’s culture, there is no better way than knowing its citizens; why should it be different for a company?

Those Who Inspire Corporate adapts the concept of Those Who Inspire from a country to a company, group or holding. We tell the stories of those who contribute to the DNA of the company and agree to become mentors.

These are stories that celebrate a company’s identity, philosophy, spirit and values. They serve as a company-wide blueprint for the creative and diverse minds driving the business forward today – and where it could go tomorrow.

Relationship-builder tool

Better understand, respect and inspire each other.

Employer Branding

Job-seeking Millennials identify a potential employer’s culture and social impact via its people.


Company’s collaborators are its most powerful ambassadors.

Discover the Mentoring Effect
of ALM Treasury

Discover the the Mentoring Effect of ALM Treasury

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