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A book collection to encourage the Millennials to consider new ways to achieve self-fulfilment and approach mentors.

Those Who Inspire is a book collection first and foremost, which purpose is to encourage the Millennials to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves. We give them local role models and mentors from their own country.

Each book is a source of inspiration to the youth of a given region of the world, featuring several ways to achieve self-fulfilment, through a scope of inspiring, fascinating and accessible stories of men and women from all walks of life, the Inspiring People – IP.


Oman is our first book of Those Who Inspire book collection. We launched it in English and Arabic back in 2012 in Muscat. Many thanks to our Omani friends for trusting us in this first and unique adventure and supporting the Omani youth.


60 Emiratis from all walks of life across the 7 Emirates tell their stories to inspire and motivate the Emirati youth. The launch took place in 2014 in Dubai.


2 years to complete our first book on the African continent. Discover the surprising and amazing stories of 90 Nigerians from all around the country. After the launch in September 2015 in Abuja, we donated 15.000 to the Nigerian youth.


Hong Kong, place of diversity and contrast, as you will discover reading the stories of 67 Inspiring Hong Kongers, all mentors to the Hong Kong youth. This first book in Asia was launched in 2016.

How do we produce our books?

We meet face to face with all the IP, discover their story, experiences, and advice to younger generations, and we turn their words into a beautifully written narrative, just long enough to capture their voice and to celebrate who they are and how they’ve made an impact. With about 60 to 90 people portrayed in each book, we include people from all backgrounds and walks of life, both famous and everyday heroes – anybody who is living their dreams and simultaneously adding real value to the people around them.

How do we get the books into the hands of as many Millennials as possible?

The books' distribution is done within the same spirit as its creation: Donate a maximum of books to youth. No young person should have to pay for it. We partner with companies who receive half of the books for their young employees and training center. The other half is donated to all public universities. A few months later you can also read it and share it online for free.

5 criteria to be selected as an Inspiring People

Be citizen of the region or country

Be inspiring

Be passionate and daring

Give back & sharing (Mentoring, Volunteering, Philanthropy…)

Pledge to some mentoring if contacted by the local youth via TWI, and/or to talks with youth

Inspiring story

If you can manage five dollars, you can manage five thousand dollars or 500,000 or more, and therefore you can manage your life. That’s what we teach in the book,” Quin explains. “You can also share your time. You can also share your knowledge.


Hoper Officer

Inspiring story

Simon Murray, CBE, has lived a life of intrepid pursuits, always carving out his own path. He moved to Hong Kong fifty years ago and was one of the few expatriates who stayed. His contribution to the country is expansive and impossible to fully measure. For him, it has always been a matter of following his instincts and listening to others when it counted most. “When I look back, it’s impressive to think about all the people who have been there at every crossroads in my life, people who have guided or inspired me. But really my life has been like an unplanned scramble up the mountain.

Simon Murray

Chairman and Founder SMC & GEMS

Inspiring story

When you empower somebody, you are building the nation economically, socially, and technologically.


Founder Lady Mechanic Initiative (LMI)

Inspiring story

Each and every person must find a way to give back in some way, shape, or form to this country.

Nwankwo KANU

Footballer & Founder Kanu Heart Foundation

Inspiring story

Don’t ever give up and always try your best, she advises others. Chasing down your dreams is tough but absolutely worth it.


Licensed Aircraft Engineer Emirates Airline

Inspiring story

Always have a goal in mind and at the same time always be willing to challenge yourself.


Chief Operating Officer Mazrui Holding & Co-Founder Just Falafel

Inspiring story

I help underprivileged girls start their own businesses because I strongly believe that we must give back to society as much as we can


Owner and MD M Events and Décor Bait Al Dhahir

Inspiring story

We have the knowledge and we can be both creative and effective. But first we must believe in ourselves.


CEO and President

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